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Drawing Ideas Ebook
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Spend more time drawing and less time thinking of ideas

having trouble thinking of what to draw

Nothing’s worse then wanting to draw a picture but drawing a blank on exactly what to draw. Imagine yourself wanting to draw and you look around the room for inspiration and all you see are books, chairs, and random objects. Nothing very inspiring.

So you decide to run a Google images search for cool pictures that scream draw me. But the only problem is you have to search through hundreds of low quality images before you find one that looks interesting. Then when you click the image to get a larger view, you realize the image is too small to zoom in and see the details.

Then you notice a stack of magazines on your bedroom floor. You think to yourself, “I bet I can find bigger images to draw in one of these magazines.” So you begin flipping through the pages and soon begin to notice a new problem. The images that you like have text all over them or are cropped hiding the full image. Not to mention, how many portraits can you draw before you get bored? Not very many.

Then you remember a book you received for Christmas last year. A book titled How to draw a horse - step by step. As you begin following the directions you wonder what the horse “actually looks like” and wish there was a photograph of the actual horse being drawn. You soon realize you are just duplicating someone else’s drawing and have no real understanding of the source of the drawing.

Say goodbye to artist block and an empty sketchbook

That story above is exactly what I struggled with. I realized following step by step drawing books were not helping me draw better. Don’t get me wrong, they do provide helpful drawing techniques but they should be used as a supplement to observation drawing and not the only way you learn how to draw.

The great artists studied through observation

da vinci horse study sketches and drawings

Observation drawing is a drawing technique that has been used by all of the great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso. It is essentially looking at something (person, object, landscape) and using your perception and logic to recreate what you see onto paper. Da Vinci was known for his sketchbook studies. He would draw a horse from as many viewpoints as possible so he would see and understand a horse. How it moved, how it sounded, and even how the anatomy worked. When you sketch and study something with that much focus you burn the image and form of the the horse in your memory. So you are 10x more likely to recreate that drawing from memory than if you were to draw the horse drawn in the step-by-step tutorial.

Renaissance artists wished they had a smartphone

ipad or kindle fire hd on angle showing horse page

Today we have a great advantage. We have the ability to “capture” an image with a camera and reference it later. Observation drawing in person is the best way but photographs are a close second because they freeze the subject in time. This gives the artist plenty of time to observe what is being drawn. This is what makes this ebook so helpful. It is a catalog of high resolution images you can take with you on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Each time you reference the drawing it is exactly how you left it. No shifting shadows, no bad weather, and no live models complaining of stiff muscles.

Being bored and unmotivated gets old, fast

Drawing Ideas Ebook

I created this ebook to help artists like you cut through the clutter and frustration of finding something to draw. This ebook will encourage and motivate you to practice drawing and improve your ability to draw what you see. Since this book is loaded with over 100 different ideas, you will not get bored because you will not draw the same thing over and over. Also, the more you make drawing a daily habit the less motivation you will need to get started.

Drawing Ideas Ebook
How to Get a Free Copy

A $2.99 value

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This ebook has been downloaded over 2000 times on Amazon. Below are some comments from people who have downloaded and started using the ebook.

“I love to doodle, but I get stuck finding WHAT TO DRAW. I think this book is a GREAT IDEA!! It gives you LOADS of ideas and you can't get bored. Also I use it as a game with my sister where she has to ask questions about what I'm thinking in the book! So please buy this free fab book! :)”—By Emily1117316

“Wonderful photos illustrate good ideas. Will be helpful to get you started (again), remove artists' blockage by simple suggestions what to draw/paint - or write about, I would add. Really like it and will give it a try...could work for you too.”—By L H

“I loved it because you put the kindle in front of a note book and just copy the drawings down.”—By Lara

“I chose this rating because it is very helpful I liked it how it gives ideas what to draw like the things I would never think of drawing I would recommend this to my friend and family! :)”—By Brandon Coverdale

“I find this handy as I am not good at drawing and this is giving me things to draw to improve.”—By Mary Wilkinson

“Other reviews said that the book was pointless, but I thought that this was a great book with interesting ideas that have really brought my drawing on a great level and creative sketches. Some of the ideas seemed to be the hardest things to draw, but if you kept on trying them you can make AMAZING things. Very interesting ideas and I really like the book.”—By Diane M.

Drawing Ideas Ebook How to Get a Free Copy

A $2.99 value

Loaded with all of these great benefits

  • You will teach yourself to draw more realistically by drawing what you see through observation.
  • Portable and can be used as a quick reference wherever you and your sketchbook go. Just place your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in front of a sketchbook and start drawing.
  • Unlike pictures in magazines, you can zoom into each picture to see the fine details. So you’re not guessing how something looks up close.
  • The motivation you need to pickup your sketchbook and start drawing.
  • Cure for artist block and boredom, over 100+ drawing ideas to keep those creative juices flowing.

This drawing ebook is great for

Stay drawing on road trips, doctor visits, plane rides, and family vacations

drawing outside, portable

Drawing Ideas contains over one hundred ideas you can take wherever you and your sketchbook go. More than just a book full of pictures, this book helps you draw from a photograph rather than copying a drawing through a series of steps. Drawing from a photograph teaches your eye to see the shapes and lines as you challenge yourself to copy the picture. You will quickly notice how realistic your drawings become because you're referencing a photograph and not someone else's drawing.

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Please note: This ebook shows drawing prompts and visual reference to inspire observational drawing and does not show step by step drawing examples.